RNDI is a company specializing in strategy consulting and technology commercialization.

Research support

Support for previous-year research such as project planning, operation, evaluation, economic performance analysis, policy research, etc., which are R&D technology management fields

Production support

Deriving a business model specializing in Bio-Healthcare & Environmental Engineering Technology as a start-up and commercialization field, supporting exhibition promotion, test certification, and prototype production by target


Technology transfer support

Support for patent trends, market research, survey, technology business valuation research, and public technology transfer in the field of technology commercialization

Create customer value

Creating customer value in global megatrend environments such as climate change, carbon neutrality, and bio healthcare


Strategic Consulting Team

Support for previous-year research such as project planning, operation, evaluation, economic performance analysis, policy research, etc.

Technology Commercialization Team

Supporting patent trends, market research, survey, technology business valuation research, and public technology transfer

Accelerating Team

Bio-Healthcare & Environmental Engineering Technology Specialized Business Model Derivation, Exhibition/Promotion by Target, Test Certification, Production of Prototypes

Business Area

● R&D project planning
● R&D project operation/valuati
● R&D policy research
● R&D technology trend analysis and survey & performance analysis
R&D Technology Management
R&D Technology Management Division
● Patent and market trend analysis
● Surveys and interviews
● Valuation of technology business
● Public technology transfer
Technology Commercialization
Technology Commercialization
● BT, ET specialized commercialization support
● BT, ET to support prototyping
● Support operation of domestic and international exhibitions, forums, events, and meetings
● Government business and business model consulting
Startup & Commercialization
Startups & Commercialization

Clean Step


Clean Step Sterilizers

S-type bedding sterilizer that remoprayves harmfulness and ensures continuity of disinfection

Our family and children are safe, and one-time use in bedding, textiles, etc. has a sterilizing effect against re-contamination for a certain period, ensuring sustainable stability

Clean Step Sterilizers for Pets

Spray-type disinfectant/deodorant for pets only

Safety and sustainability are secured with spray-type sterilization and deodorant for pets using clean-step disinfection technology, and direct and indirect use to deodorize disinfection for pets

Clean step pet

Clean step pet – RNDI’s product line up for pets

클린스텝 펫

Clean Step pet RNDI’s functional product line up for pet

Product lineup with functions such as sterilization, disinfection, and deodorization for companion animals using RNDI's photocatalytic-based disinfection technology.

Clean Step Pet Wet wipes

100% pulp, pet wipes to remove harmful preservatives

100% pulp, sustainable photocatalytic preservative-based wet wipes that replace plastic materials and chemical preservatives, which are problems with conventional wet wipes

Clean Step Pet

Introducing Clean Step Pet (C.S.P.): Wet wipes for companion animal including 100% natural pulp and natural antibacterial agents.

At RNDI Company, we take pride in presenting our innovative product line, Clean Step, designed to address the critical needs of sterilization and disinfection.

Clean Step Pet (C.S.P.) is the latest addition to our line, and it's aligned with the principles of ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance. Our mission is to provide effective solutions while prioritizing sustainability and responsibility.

Key Features of Clean Step Pet (C.S.P.): 100% Natural Pulp: We use only natural pulp materials to ensure a minimal environmental footprint. Wet Wipes with Natural Antibacterial Agents: Our wet wipes are infused with natural antibacterial agents, ensuring the highest level of hygiene for your pets. We are committed to making a positive impact on the environment, fostering social responsibility, and upholding the highest standards of governance. Join us in our journey toward a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future with Clean Step Pet (C.S.P.).

Key Performances

* MWC Las Vegas 2022 Exhibition & Press reports
* MWC Las Vegas 2023 Exhibition & Press reports

Service Provision Process

1.First step


2.Second step

business consulting

3.Third step


4.Fourth step

commercialization implementation

Company Activity

RNDI is composed of Ph.D.-level talents from regular appearances to support technical commercialization, strategic consulting, start-up acceleration in environmental engineering and bio healthcare, and to build a sustainable clean platform in the home where the environment and bio healthcare are connected in the commercialization sector.

MWC Las Vegas Exhibition Visit

Clean Step Pet Exhibition, a product lineup for pets, and media reports.


Clean Step Line up Launch

Launched Clean Step Pet for pets.


Ministry of Environment selects eco-startup support project

"Development of Harm Reduction Wipes that Can Be Degraded Naturally" Project Selection


MWC Las Vegas Exhibition Visit

RNDI’s Clean Step line up Exhibition & media reports


Registration of household chemical products subject to safety confirmation by the Ministry of Environment has been completed

KOLAS Test Certification Completed, Government Test Certification and Registration Completed


Clean Step Line Up Launch (Clean Step Sterilizer)

Development of Sustainable Hazard Reduction Disinfectant Clean Step


Selection of Innovation Center Social Venture Global Growth Support Program

Social venture companies, women's companies, etc. registered


Selection of preliminary start-up package business for the Ministry of SMEs and Startups

Selection of "Development of Sustainable Hazard Reduction Disinfectants" Tasks


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